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I used 8 barrel cushions on my PowerDyne DynaPros - the kingpins on the plates were just slightly too short to permit the cushions to fit properly; I had to cut down the cushions to permit the right amount of truck movement. I cut approx 1/16" to 1/8" off just the bottom cushion, between the truck and the nut, on each kingpin. With that mod, they work great. The blue cushions are really soft, and permit the perfect amount of flex in my trucks. According to the PowerDyne reps at RollerCon, PowerDyne doesn't currently sell any hardness of cushions except for the little rocks that come standard on all their plates, so making these cushions work was a lifesaver.

Rated by Jason

The first thing I do with fresh meat skaters, no matter their skill level, is swap out their factory, hard as stone cushions and replace them with Sure-Grip Super Cushions. You simply cannot get full mobility out of your skates without them. I have swapped out 50+ sets of cushions for people and every single one was ecstatic with the responsiveness of their skates. I use mostly purple and yellow, but really small people love the blues as well. Before you buy new wheels, get these cushions!

Rated by Leon Bellavance

Increased maneuverability and comfort while skating. It's amazing what a difference cushions can make. Highly recommend looking at your cushions.

Rated by April Brost

Using Suregrip Super Cushions made it seem like I had purchased a new pair of skates. Cheap way to upgrade your skate. Made a huge difference in skate response. Two thumbs up

Rated by Terese Kormish

Buying new cushions changed my skating! As a lightweight skater I struggled to work with the stiffer cushions that came on my skates, and chose a pair of blue Super Cushions as my next victims - I love them, no complaints. If you're looking to upgrade your skate setup but are strapped for funds, I highly suggest picking up a new pair of cushions, especially if you have never changed your originals! If you happen to be someone = at all unsure which cushions are the right ones for you, the Rollergirl staff are amazingly helpful... just ask!

Rated by Tara Vivian

Amazing! Cheapest way to upgrade your setup. The difference in response between these and the standard cushions that come on your skates is unbelievable. I'm a 120lb so I chose the softest (blue), I definitely noticed the difference in my agility.

Rated by ashley rammeloo

Lisa recommended I upgrade from the stock cushions for my Reidell Deathgrips. Having recently started skating I wasnt sure if I would notice the difference and boy did I. I'm 155lbs and got a set of yellow and purple ones. Difference was amazing and for the price you cant beat it.

Rated by Ron Gall

What can I say, Love, Love, Love these cushions! I was skating on the world's hardest cushions before, it seemed like. I am also small, 120lbs and 5 FT 2, so naturally I needed a soft cushion. What a huge difference it has made in making sharp turns. I highly reccommend.

Rated by Elizabeth Cook

I bought these cushions a few months ago and I am in love! They have made my Riedell Wickeds feel like new skates. I think this is the best upgrade you can get for your skates. At first I thought I needed new plates. But so far I have been able to keep the same set-up. These bad boys have held up to my derby obsession and my job at the skating rink.

Rated by Ann McDonald

Wife says they work great! Good instructions too, thanks.

Rated by Adam Williams
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