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Bont Prostar Tracer 1

These skates are a lightweight 3/4 height boot, with a wide, ergonomic toe box. They are mounted on the Prodigy fibreglass reinforced nylon plate OR Tracer aluminum plate. They offer ankle support but are still flexible enough that they don't restrict movement for hockey stops or deep plow stops.

Recommended for:
  • Skaters looking for ankle support
  • Vegetarians - these are a full Microfibre and fibreglass boot
  • Skaters needing a snug heel
  • Skaters looking for a lightweight skate
  • Skaters with regular to wide feet

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters with really narrow feet - these boots have a wider, boxier fit
  • Skaters looking for super padded skates - these are a bit rigid when new but break in nicely

  • Boot: Bont Prostar - Microfibre and fibreglass
  • Plate: Bont Tracer Plate (6061 Aircraft Aluminum) 20ยบ king pin angle for better maneuverability (Silver or Black depending on stock)
  • Wheels: Bont FX1 92A Wheels - Only compatible with Bont mini bearings
  • Bearings: Bont 688 Mini bearings
  • Stoppers: 5/8" stopper - Medium Profile
  • 5mm Allen Key required for stopper screw
  • Size not available? We can get it for you within 3 weeks - just ask!


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