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comfortable! affordable and gets the job done! C.

Rated by Carla

Got size small and they fit perfectly. (155lbs & 5'10") Very comfortable, I love how well they move with me, rarely need to make any adjustments with the butterfly & reinforced straps (I mean RARELY). Great cushioning. I guess they're a little bulky, but I don't find that they really get in the way... I was using huge rollerblade pads that were so incredibly bad compared to these. I would HIGHLY recommend them! I was going to buy more expensive pads thinking that the price on these meant they weren't very good. I was WRONG. These are great pads for the price!

Rated by Jackie

Great knee pads for beginners. Very reasonably priced. I was a little worried that they were too tight at first but they loosened up quite a bit....a perfect fit now!

Rated by Felix-Marie

These pads came with my Fresh Meat package! I was terrified to fall and doing falling drills was a scary thought process for me...but the pads are awesome and I am very impressed at the amount of cushion they provide when falling or doing falling drills. MUST HAVE!!

Rated by Robyn

Knee pads are great! I should have gone with a smaller size, but other then that they do the job and have given great protection!

Rated by Damaya

Like the notes say, these knee pads are pretty big length wise and cover a lot of my shin as well which took some getting used to. At 5'3", I'm just on the edge of the suggested height so I would reiterate that this item is more for average to tall girls rather than those on the shorter side. Quality and protection is great though, and I would know, I've fallen on them too many times to count.

Rated by Shelby

Great for starting out - good price, and as was on my knees a lot when I started, sure seems to be protective. Also too, when starting out, I found that the "higher quality more expensive" pads to be too bulky, and got in the way of figuring crossovers when first starting out. I did find that the velcro lengths that wrap around are way too long and had to sew shorter. All in all, great to start with!

Rated by Joyce

These provide perfect protection. Lots of cushion for falls. Has to wear them kind of snug tho, cuz they slip down now since they are breaking in. They are a little bulky, but you don't notice it once you feel how cushiony they are!

Rated by Maggie

Not bad when you're starting out, I got these in a rookie package. The pads are a bit bulky, and I find they can make learning crossovers a bit more tricky.

Rated by Erica

These came in my fresh meat package. They are a great started knee pad. They've survived learning how to fall and protected my knees. My only issue is that I have the XLs and the inner straps don't really do up on me, but I do have larger legs. However, these are some of the largest on the market and have served me well.

Rated by Bessie

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