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PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool 1

An awesome 4 in 1 tool!

Recommended for:
  • Plates needing 5mm Allen wrnches for toe stop adjustments
  • Plates needing 11/16" sockets for truck adjustments

Not usually recommended for:
  • Plates that require a 15/16" wrench for toe stop nuts - we would suggest the Powerdyne Y3 tool

  • 11/16" socket wrench for truck adjustments on Reactor series plates, Pilot plates, Bont Athena plates
  • 9/16" socket for truck adjustment on most stanadrdplates including Powerdyne Thrust, SureGrip plates, Crazy plates (removable)
  • 1/2" Socket for axle nuts
  • 5mm Allen key for toe stop set screws and Arius axis pins

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