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I love these! They are my first pair of skates ever and I couldn't be happier! I have a hard time getting into a squat in them but it may be due to them being so new and having to break them in. Other than that they are very comfortable! I don't find them too heavy either. Rollergirl was amazing to buy from! The package got here 3 days earlier than stated and they stamped a cute little cat on the packing label :') I will definitely buy from here when I need anything else in the future!

Rated by Jenna

I bought these skates last summer in the peach colour and I absolutely love them! As a former figure skater, I knew that ankle support was a crucial element and these skates definitely fulfilled that requirement. Can't wait for the snow to melt in Ottawa so I can get back out there!

Rated by Cora

Great beginners skate, one comment is that i the laces keep getting loose on one skate when i was edging but overall great to practice and learn on.

Rated by Monserrat

Bought these as my first pair of skates roughly a month ago and am super happy with them! The colour combination looks great and they feel good too. Once you break them in, they will mold nicely to your feet. I will note that they don't give the greatest ankle support, though that may just be me not tightening them hard enough around the area. Trying to do the "shoot the duck" move with these skates is a little rough in comparison to when I used to use the rental skates at my local roller skating indoor rink. I would also note that these skates are good for both indoor and outdoor, but you should get a set of indoor wheels once your comfortable with them if you plan on skating indoors. Also a good idea to switch to jam plugs once you become more experienced and comfortable with the skates.

Rated by rijaah
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