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I absolutely love these stops! Great for stability and grip :)

Rated by Lindsay Farrell

I waited a long time before getting these because I remember someone telling another teammate to get more comfortable using the normal sized toe stops before giving in to these. I'm glad I didn't hold of any longer. Before these I felt like I was a duck on an ice pond attempting to walk on my toe stops. With these one I was able to skate backwards and then hop along on my toe stops without second thought to it. I love these!

Rated by Natasha Minks

I was hesitant to try these for a long time as I was worried about tripping on them but a lot of teammates have them so I decided to give them a try. I'm glad I did! They are super easy to run and jump on and I have been using them for a couple of months on a very rough concrete floor and they haven't worn at all. I've only tripped on them once or twice as I got used to them. Great stoppers!

Rated by Robin Miller

Amazing! I love these so much. I do find they add weight to the front of my skates, and my toes are cramping up sooner than they used to, but when we do toestop drills at practices, I am running and bouncing like it's nothing. Love them.

Rated by Amanda Hayes

Love'm. As a novice skater of larger size, I appreciate the added surface area for greater stability. i have full conference when executing toestop maneuvers.

Rated by Dan Tisseur

The moment these were fastened to my boot, my toe stop skills exploded. The large flat face helped me land securely with every step, and gave me the confidence to explore hopping, running and spinning at speed that I had never attempted previously. My only ONLY complaint is that I had one break on me mid-run after 6 months of use (about 250 hours on skates), right where the rubber meets the metal, and there was no visible warning sign of failure until it broke. It remains to be seen if they will need frequent replacement. Considering the abuse I inflict on them, I still think they are the best I've ever used.

Rated by Arya Rutz

Love these stoppers ❤ great stability for running and smooth, fast breaking A+

Rated by Trisha Mason

amazing toe stops!! i previously had the bionic big foot stoppers and these take it to 'a whole nother level' as a jammer these provide good bounce, grip and large stable surface while not getting in the way when i pick up speed. highly reccomend

Rated by kelly hemphill

I had the old gumball before, and I always felt like I was going to roll my ankle every time I used them. I was a bit skeptical to get these ones because they looked so big in the box, but once they're on your skate, they're really not bad. I was looking for a flatter surface stopper, and these work great for that! I find them perfect for run starts or toeing around somebody. The only issue I have with them is I find them more slippery than the other ones.

Rated by Chantal Gaudreault

As a current Gumball user I really wanted to like these. I was checking them out for the past few months and finally decided to try them. First, they are heavy. I felt the extra weight immediatly. Second, I found them to be cumbersome and in the way at times. I was skating clumsy, and felt off balance with my agility and the added weight at the tip of my boots. Also, they were extremely close to my wheels and got a bit of wheel bite. So, after trying for 2 practices to get used to them I decided it wasnt going to work out. I ended up taking out a sharp knife and sliced off all the extra material almost up to the harder pads to shape them into original Gumball size. Removed some weight and will at least be able to use them since I paid for them.

Rated by Christine Lover
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