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To Zoe & Lisa, just received my new Boardwalk skates yesterday, June 03/2023 & WOW, first skate yesterday & very impressed how they fit & hug your ankles. Highly recommend these skates to all levels from beginning to advanced. Suggestion : Invest in some Suede Rollerstuff Toe Caps not only for protection but also it matches your suede boots plus it molds well to your boot. THKS Zoe & Lisa. 62 yrs old & still kickin it old school. Lets roll!

Rated by joe

These are my husband's first ever pair of roller skates. After some trial and error and tons of feet re-measuring we have come to the conclusion he should've gotten an 8 instead of a 9, but he still loves them regardless and now owns two other pairs of skates. These are stiffer than a lolly (not by a ton though) and come on a virtually indestructible nylon plate which is miles ahead of a powerdyne thrust on other beginner suede skates. 12/10, definitely recommend, especially if you have wider feet.

Rated by Crystal

Wasn't sure about these skates at first. When I took them out of the box and tried them on, I felt the tongue on the right skate was causing pressure on the top of my foot. I noticed the tongue had been sown in a little off centered from the manufacturer so I contacted RollerGirl and Zoe suggested that I roll the tongue to soften it up. This idea worked so I decided to keep the skates and I'm very happy that I did because after about 6 or 8 skates to break them in, they became very comfortable skates. Just love skating in these Boardwalk skates so much that I have to force myself to stop ☺ Would highly recommend if you looking at these ????

Rated by Ross

I love love love these skates. I opted for Boardwalks because reviews I found generally recommended them for wider feet. They're so well made and I'm finding that they are taking a lot less time to break in than I expected – the suede is high quality and softening up really well. The wheels they come with are nice and usable for indoor skating, but I switched to a harder wheel for indoor lessons, and I'll switch back to the wheels they came with when I'm ready to try outdoor skating. Tips for breaking these in and minimizing blisters: tie your laces pretty loosely, and wear thick wool socks, NOT sport socks. I've tried both mid-calf sport socks and mid-calf merino wool socks, and blisters are *almost* a non-issue with the merino wool socks, whereas with cotton sport socks it was blister city.

Rated by Sam

These skates are more beautiful in person. I’m between a size 9-9.5 and ordered a size 8; which fits me perfectly. There isn’t any padding in them, but they’re not uncomfortable on my feet. I purchased these pair of skates as a complete beginner to roller skating and I’m very happy with my choice. I do plan on purchasing a second pair of skates with padding in hopes of being able to practice for long periods of time; and to have a pair of skate that I don’t mind repeatedly falling down in and scraping or getting dirty. But these will for sure be my go to skates when I’m more experienced. They look and feel very well made and I think with proper maintenance after I start using them, they will last me for a long time.

Rated by Jennifer

These were the second pair of skates I've purchased.. they are great! They fit perfectly, are super smooth, I feel like I'm skating on air. Had them since August of 2020 and no problems yet! :) would recommend!

Rated by Junelle

These were and are my first ever pair of skates. At first I had a hard time doing bubbles or turning in them but a few skates sessions and some adjustments to the trucks had them working perfectly. I use them for both casual outdoor skating and the skate park and they've been great. Reliable skate so far. The black i find is easy to jazz up with mods. (Laces, toe guards etc.)

Rated by Zoe

These skates are so nice! They are more comfortable and lighter than my other skates. The stock wheels and bearings run smoothly and they look amazing!

Rated by Rachel

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